How Do I Keep My Lawn Looking Good Over Summer?


Summertime in Australia can be extremely hot and dry, and this can cause all sorts of problems when it comes to your garden. Many people simply let their lawn die off during the summer, thinking that it is too much work to keep it healthy. However, it isn’t! As long as you use decent turf when you lay your lawn, you shouldn’t have any problems keeping it green and lush throughout the year.

Some of the most important things to do when it comes to keeping your lawn looking good over summer include:

  1. Give it plenty of fertiliser:

Plenty of fertiliser is important for your lawn throughout the year, but it is super important during summer. Many people think that because it is hot and dry, they don’t need to fertilise their lawn regularly. However, the truth is just the opposite. Since it is hot and dry during summer, fertiliser is consumed extremely quickly by both plants and microbes. It is important to put more on every six to eight weeks to make sure that your grass has enough food to grow.

  1. Water regularly:

As everyone knows, the Australian summer can be extremely hot and dry. Unless you have some super drought resistant species of grass, you will need to give your lawn water over the summer. If you are conscious about not using too much water, then think about your method of watering:

  • Always water in the evening, so that your lawn has all night to absorb the water, rather than having it simply evaporate under the sun.
  • Use a sprinkler which focuses on your lawn, rather than on paths or roads.
  • Don’t water for too long, or your lawn will lose any drought resistance that it did have.

The last point is extremely important. Limiting your watering to a short time each day will help your lawn stay tough and naturally drought resistant throughout the summer.

  1. Mow it high:

When you mow your lawn during summer, make sure that you mow it higher than usual. Doing so will give the ground more natural protection, reducing the effects of evaporation and allowing your lawn to use water more efficiently.

  1. Reseed and renovate as necessary:

Over time, your lawn will start to die. Plants don’t live forever, and you will need to start replacing them as your lawn gets older. Reseed your lawn regularly, and remove old or unhealthy sections of lawn. If possible, do this before summer, but you can do it during summer if you make sure that young plants have plenty of water and fertiliser.

As long as you look after it, there is no reason at all why your lawn has to suffer during the summer. Give it plenty of food and water, tend to it carefully, and watch how jealous all of your neighbours are!