Hardy Plants Every Outdoor Area Needs

Outdoor Area

Living in Australia means you sometimes need to get creative with your landscaping. It’s not enough to buy plants you like and hope for the best. The average temperature is 30 degrees-Celsius in Summer and 15 in winter, making it a challenge to get all plants to survive and thrive.

Before you begin landscaping, it’s always best to consult experts or do your research. The more you know about hardy plants, the more likely you are to choose some that will last the distance in your property. Get started with these plants below.

Bear’s Britches (Acanthus Mollis)

Acanthus Mollis, also known as oyster plant or bear’s britches, is the ideal plant for borders and container planting. It’s compact, provides beautiful and tall purple flowers, and has evergreen foliage that withstands all weather conditions.

This plant is one of the hardiest available and thrives in all parts of Australia. You can grow it well in pots, plant it in direct sun, and give it a moderate amount of water.

When you first buy it, however, you need to be prepared to give it some TLC. It will need plenty of water and mulch for the first three months of its life, as well as slow-releasing fertiliser to help it grow big and strong. Bear’s Britches will grow to be around 25 centimetres in height.

Black Magic (Agapanthus)

If you are planning on landscaping your property to be contemporary and elegant, then make sure you include Agapanthus or Black Magic. These striking flowers are black with deep purple coloring. They are hardy, enjoy full sun, and you can divide, lift, and move them as they grow. Nothing phases this beautiful plant.

When you plant them, all you need to do is make sure you place them in well-drained soil. You can then use mild fertiliser, mulch, and earth to help them grow. Then, you can leave them to their own devices and focus on other areas of your landscaping. Black Magic will continue to grow without your help, even with minimal to no rainfall.

Geisha Girl (Duranta Repens)

If you are landscaping in spring or summer, then set your sights on Geisha Girl or Duranta Repens. This striking blue and white flower originates from Japan and offers a beautiful pop of color in your garden when you’re landscaping.

It blooms in both spring and summer, looks impressive in a hedge, and will be ideal for most states in Australia. Plant it in either sunny or partially sunny areas, mulch and water it, then leave it alone. Geisha Girl will tolerate dry spells, and you only have to fertilise it in spring and prune it occasionally.

Be careful with your plant choices when the time comes to get landscaping underway. Opt for the ones that are going to handle all weather conditions that Australia can throw at it.