7 Things You Should Know Before Installing Your New Pool Fence

Installing Pool Fence

Pool fencing is a legal requirement in Western Australia for any swimming pool or spa that contains more than 30cm of water. Installing new pool fencing is usually best left to the professionals so that it’s done right, but you can do it yourself if you want.

With the rise of things like modular steel and glass pool fencing, DIY kits are becoming more common. If you buy your kit from a professional pool fence supplier, they will help you make sure that you’re meeting any legal requirements associated with your fence.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of our top 7 things you should know before you build your new pool fence:

  1. Your pool fence has to meet legal standards!

It’s important to note that your fence can’t be thrown together from any old materials that you buy from your local hardware store. It has to meet strict conditions, which means that you should always speak to a pool fencing professional before building your new fence.

  1. Pool fences require regular maintenance:

Like anything, your pool fence will require regular maintenance if you want it to retain its ‘like-new’ look. Follow the manufacturers guidelines to make sure you’re looking after your fence properly.

  1. Pool fences have a minimum height:

In Australia, all pool fences have to be at least 1200mm above ground level. This is to prevent small children from climbing over them and being exposed to potential drowning hazards.

  1. Pool fences come in a range of shapes and sizes:

Before you settle on the design for your new pool fence it’s important to do some research. There is a whole range of different fencing styles out there – including glass, aluminium and timber – which means that you can choose one which suits your yard.

  1. It’s usually a good idea to have your fence installed by a professional:

Sure, professional installation will cost more than if you were to build your pool fence on your own, but an experienced fencing contractor will do things right the first time, making sure that your fence meets all legal requirements.

  1. Glass fences need to be built with toughened safety glass:

In order to meet the Australian Standard 1288, all glass pool fences need to be built with toughened safety glass. Toughened glass is impact resistant and extremely difficult to break, helping to secure your pool and reduce drowning hazards.

  1. Pool fences are not a substitute for proper pool safety!

While pool fences can provide a sense of security around your swimming pool, they are definitely not a good substitute for proper pool safety. Keep an eye on young children and pets when they’re playing in the vicinity of a pool, and make sure that you educate older children about the hazards associated with pools.

Final Word

Pool fences are now a legal requirement for anyone who has a swimming pool or spa deeper than 30cm. It’s important to think carefully before you install your new pool fence, otherwise you could run into problems or end up with a fence which isn’t legally good enough. If in doubt, speak to your local pool fence retailer.