7 Reasons That Diamond Coat Flooring Is So Popular

Diamond Coat Flooring

If you have been thinking about having a polished concrete floor installed or having a concrete floor refinished, but have balked at the costs, and the upheaval that they are going to create, then you might want to consider diamond coat flooring as an alternative.

It is a relatively new option, however, it is proving to be an extremely popular one for businesses and domestic customers thanks to the many benefits that it offers, such as the seven we have detailed below

Budget Friendly

One of the major appeals of diamond coat flooring is that its cost compared to other options, such as polished concrete, is significantly lower. This allows many, who previously could not consider having such wonderfully polished finishes on their floors because of the expense, to now have the chance to have them, either at home, or in their business premises.

Quick Installation Time

Polished concrete can be a process that takes several days, and creates a huge amount of upheaval, meaning that a business may have to close its doors for a week or more, with all the implications that has for lost revenue. The process for installing diamond coat flooring is much quicker, meaning that the business can reopen sooner, and thus disruption for staff and customers is minimised.

Choice Of Finishes

With diamond coat flooring there are normally different finishes from which you can choose. The differences in each one will be the amount of concrete still visible, and how smooth the polished finish is. There will be different business scenarios where each of these are more applicable, depending on whether the appearance is more or less important than what the surface feels like.

Safe, Non-Slip Surface

Regardless of where a floor is, especially a smooth floor, it is essential that anyone walking on it is safe. That is why the non-slip nature of diamond coat flooring makes it an excellent surface for any scenario, be it a home garage, large retail outlet, or reception area.

Chemical and Abrasion Resistant

One thing that many older, less robust floors suffer from is staining and abrasions. These will have occurred due to spillages, often where chemicals have been used, and when larger, heavy items are dragged across them. Diamond coat flooring is both chemical resistant and resists abrasions meaning it will need not be replaced as often as other, less resilient floors, which reduces costs.

Stunning Appearance

One thing which is often remarked upon when people first see diamond coat flooring is how stunning it looks. It provides a glossy finish which in any business scenario will impress not only staff but also customers and other visitors, giving them an excellent first impression. The other point to note here, is that it will retain its outstanding appearance for many years thanks to its ability to resist stains and abrasions.

Extremely Easy to Clean

Due to its smooth surface, maintaining and cleaning diamond coat flooring is a lot easier than with other floors or carpet cleaning. Sweeping them takes no time, and if you wish to wash them, a wipe over with a mop and some warm soapy water will suffice. You will also notice they tend not to mark as easily as some floors so there should be no need to use heavy-duty cleaning solvents to remove those marks.